Wednesday, June 21, 2017

In-Memory OLTP in Azure SQL Database

Hey guys, good news for you all who use Azure SQL Database.

Below are some of the cool features Microsoft added in Azure SQL Database:

  • Earlier including the index created with the primary key, the memory-optimized table can have up to 8 indexes only. Now with the changes incorporated in June 2017 we can create more than eight indexes on memory-optimized tables
  • No more alter table command to change the memory-optimized objects, sp_rename can be used for renaming memory-optimized objects
  • You will no longer see the Error 41839 – “Transaction exceeded the maximum number of commit dependencies and the last statement was aborted. Retry the statement.” Microsoft eliminated the limit on the number of commit dependencies
  • Now we are free to use the CASE expression, the CROSS APPLY operator, and all JSON functions, isn't it interesting!
  • Did you even think of using computed columns in memory-optimized tables, if you think in such direction then please start using computed columns in memory-optimized tables


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